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A Family at War

This is a story for people who want to know what it was really like to be a child during the war and in the London Blitz. But it will also interest people who can't understand how anyone would want to deliberately hurt a child or an animal, since at its centre is a closely observed character study of an abuser, cruelty, selfishness, bravery under fire, fantasy world and all.



A Family at War, Beryl Kingston

Francesca and the Mermaid

Francesca and her self-centred lover are on a cruise, when Francesca sees a mermaid. The sight of it swimming away inspires her to change her life. She leaves her lover at the end of the cruise, and moves to Lewes, where she embarks of a new career, using her skill as a painter.


But freedom brings problems and she has much to learn.



Francesca and The Mermaid, Beryl Kingston

Internet Revolutionary

Third book of the Octavia trilogy in which Octavia Smith's philosophy extends into the 21st century. Simon Earnley is her great greatg nephew, an idealistic young teacher, who works in an inner city comprehensive.

He knows the demoralising effect constant examinations are having on his pupils but can't see what he can do about it. Then two thinbgs happen that change his life.



Off the Rails

This is the story of George Hudson, pre-eminently successful railway entrepreneur, politician, crook and bully, and the child he fathered and deserted when he was fifteen.



Internet Revolutionary, Beryl Kingston Off the Rails, Beryl Kingston

Girl on the Orlop Deck

Based on the true story of a young woman who, when her husband got drunk and was persuaded to join the Navy, disguised herself as a boy and followed him into the fleet determined to find him.

She ends up in the 'Victory' at the Battle of Trafalgar, working as one of the loblolly boys who were assistants to the surgeon.  And does she find her husband, you ask?



Octavia's War

Octavia’s War follows Octavia's during WW2 when she and her school are evacuated to Woking. It is a difficult time for all of them, but she is determined to give her girls the best possible education no matter where they are.



Octavia's War, Beryl Kingston


Octavia is the story of an educational pioneer who taught in the '20s when they knew more about how children learn than putative teachers are allowed to know now in these examination ridden times.


It was first published in hardback in October 2007 and the paperback came out in October 2008.



Gates of Paradise

When William Blake was living in Felpham in Sussex (between 1800 and 1803) his poetry and painting inspired pupils and villagers alike, including a pair of young lovers who followed his teaching literally and disastrously. Then he ran foul of a trooper who accused him of sedition and brought him to trial. Had it not been for the testimony of neighbours Blake would have been imprisoned.



Octavia, Beryl Kingston Gates of Paradise, Beryl Kingston

Neptune's Daughter

When Gwen McIvor is widowed she embarks on a new life, buys a derelict windmill and gives it a makeover, takes a lover and finds a job, so she is put in a difficult position when she discovers that her daughter Eleanor is pregnant and expects her to take over care of the infant when it is born.  What will she do?



Only Human

Part 2 of “Suki”. Suki’s lover, Captain Jack, is a slave master on the Bonny Beaufoy transporting black slaves who are considered to be cattle, but halfway across the Atlantic realises that they are as human as he is and worth respect.  This leads to quarrels and fights and culminates in his incarceration in Bedlam, where Suki finally finds him.



Neptunes Daughter, Beryl Kingston Only Human, Beryl Kingston

Only Young

Set in the middle of the 18th century in the world of sugar and slavery, whores, highwaymen and rich entrepreneurs, one of whom employs Suki Brown as a wet nurse but does not know that when his own baby dies Suki puts her own infant in its place. Although she has been hunting for his father ever since his birth, she has not been able to find him and without her employer’s money would have no means of support. Complications ensue.


Avalanche of Daisies

The love story of 19 year old Private Steve Wilkins and 17 year old Barbara Nelson who marry despite opposition, are then parted by the Normandy invasion and by the buzz bombs and rockets that are bombarding London, but never lose their spirit nor their determination that they will build a better world when the war is over.



Only Young, Beryl Kingston Avalanche of Daisies

Gemma's Journey

Newly qualified actress Gemma is on her way to an audition when she is caught up in a terrible train crash.  Her leg is amputated to release her from the wreckage but she is determined to live life to the full despite her injury.



Laura's Way

Laura Pendleton has always considered herself a quiet librarian but when her home is threatened with compulsory purchase to make way for a new bypass she leads the campaign to oppose it and in so doing discovers a new love and the solution to an old mystery.



Gemma's Journey, Beryl Kingston Laura's Way, Beryl Kingston

Alive and Kicking

Since her parents’ death, Rose Boniface has looked after her younger brother and sisters but in 1914 brother Bertie goes to war and now Rose has to be the family breadwinner. She and her best friend Muriel set up a dress making company called ‘Ritzy Clothes.’ They are women alone as so many were during that war but determined to make a success of their changed lives.



Maggie's Boy

Alison’s husband, Rigby Toan, seems the perfect match but he is a deceiver and in the recession of the 80’s will run up debts he cannot possibly pay and run away leaving her with two young children and responsibility for all the money he owes.



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Two Silver Crosses

An advertisement in The Times asked twin sisters Virginia and Emily Holborn, last seen 10 years previously at Victoria Station boarding the boat train to Boulogne to contact solicitors.  Who were they and why were they going to France?



War Baby

Set in the 70’s this is the story of four war babies whose experiences during the Second World War mark the rest of their lives, Bobbie who was adopted, her sister Paula, who loves her dearly, Gareth who was orphaned by the blitz, Malcolm a self-centred media star who was evacuated to America and Benjamin Jarret the illegitimate son of a black GI.



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London Pride

A story of endurance during the Second World War when London Pride was one of the first weeds to colonize the bombsites during the London Blitz.  This is the love story of Penny Furnivall and her Greenwich neighbour Jim Boxall from whom she is parted by the war, when he joins the RAF and she becomes a member of the ARP.



Sixpenny Stalls

Third book of the trilogy.  The Easter Empire extends to newspaper stalls on the new railway stations and the focus of this book shifts to Nan’s grandchildren and in particular her headstrong granddaughter, Caroline.



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Fourpenny Flyer

Second book of the trilogy.  Nan Easter extends her empire, sending newspapers daily to every major city in England and while her three children grow up, fall in love and join her in the business, she too finds a lover, a dashing cavalry officer called Calverly Leigh.



Tuppeny Times

The first book of the Easter Empire trilogy based on the fact that the great WH Smiths empire was founded by a woman.  Nan Easter is a spirited maidservant who marries above her station and, when her husband dies young in Paris during the French Revolution, sells newspapers on the streets of London to earn her living and keep her three children..



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A Time to Love

The story of a star crossed love affair between two children of the East End slums, David Cheifitz who is Jewish and Ellie Murphy who is an Irish Catholic, set at the turn of the century and during the First World War.



Kisses & Ha'pennies

A follow-up saga to HEARTS AND FARTHINGS set against a backdrop of London life, which charts the adventures and exploits of its two vulnerable but determined heroines, Anna Pelucci and Mary Chapman who are, although they don’t know it at the start of the story, half sisters.



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Hearts and Farthings

It is London in the 1890s; amid the fog, the noise and bustle a three-masted ship arrives in the docks. At the rail is Alberto Pelucci, an immigrant from Italy, dreaming of romance and adventure. Adventure enough is the appalling room of his first night's stay, but romance blossoms when he falls for Alice, gentle and undemonstrative and the complete opposite to his noisy exuberance.




Lifting the Curse

This is the first book I wrote and is the only piece of non-fiction, it details as many of the techniques as were known at the time it was written, that could be used to ease period pain.

lifting the curse

Everybody's Somebody


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