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'A Family at War' my 26th book and was released on Kindle in August 2015 and has been given some glowing reviews:


"This book is a gripping read about a young girl who lives in London during World War 2. The fact that it is a non-fiction book makes this element of the narrative fascinating, particularly during the time when the family are actually living in their house in London during The Blitz. Written in a remarkable voice, the life story the author tells in such a matter of fact way goes all out to raise your emotions - anger, sadness, sympathy, and awe are all in there during the reading of this book, alongside the urge to keep on reading this powerful story."


"How fascinating to experience ww2 through the eyes of a child."


"This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand "family,"... I cherish this story"


Currently writing books 29 & 30 which I've given working titles of 'The dreaded witch of Woodend' and 'Citizen Army'.


Book 27 should have been published in February this year, but the company ceased trading in December and the book was sold on to another company who, although they were reluctant to do so, eventually reverted the rights to me as I requested. It is now with my agent.

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