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When did you start writing?

When I was seven. I wrote excruciatingly dishonest poetry to please

my mother. Here I am aged 8 writing another excruciating poem to

my friends who had been evacuated to Felpham in Sussex and had

written to me through the local paper. I went on writing because it

was so easy to do, but destroyed everything I wrote until 1980, when

I was 49 and had produced a book on how to cope with period pain,

which I thought might be worthwhile. It was published by Ebury Press,

who were the first publishers I sent it to. After that and greatly daring

I started to write novels.


Do you have to discipline yourself to write?

No I don't. It would be a waste of time because I'd only write rubbish

and have to delete it the next day. I plan the entire novel and then I

can write whatever part of it I like, whenever I want to, which is

usually every day. When I was younger I often fell asleep in the

middle of what I was writing and the cat used me as a cushion.


Where do you get your stories from?

All sorts of places. There are stories everywhere, in newspapers, pictures, when I eavesdrop

on trains and buses. Anything that makes me ask questions.


Did you have a hard time getting published?

I’m sorry to say this because I know how comforting it is for new writers to be told that the

old stagers had a lot of difficulty getting published but no, I didn’t.


How can I write a best seller?

I haven't the faintest idea. But some or all of these things might help you:- the power to tell

a story in such a compelling way that you grab your audience from the first page: the ability

to create three-dimensional characters: the skill to weave a credible plot: the emotional and

intellectual maturity to create metaphors, with all that that entails, either on a small scale

within your prose or on a larger scale as part of the basic structure of the novel itself. Or then again, maybe it's just luck!


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